Album Covers

Yellow Springs.jpg

Yellow Springs

Shane Z

For this single cover, I used a photo I took in Mayflower Gulch, Breckenridge, CO 2017.

I then enhanced the yellows and added a boarder. Short and sweet.

Half the Man My Father is

Shane Z

For this project, Shane wanted to use a family photo that embodied all of the people that impacted his life. The song is for his father, and in the photo he is wearing a vibrant yellow shirt. I needed the focus to be on him while keeping everyone else in frame.

Carolina Reaper.png

Carolina Reaper

Shane Z

This cover was drawn on the Procreate app using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I was influenced by Jim Carrey's 1994 film The Mask. For reference I used a past illustration I created of a skull. Below is the process video.

Throw Away

Photo, shot and styled by             

Type and edit by Austin Kear.

Shane Z

Thow Away.jpg


Shane Z

This cover was a spur of the moment idea. I was assisting Director                       shooting the Martini Shot (Final Shot) for the LMN music video on my roof in Brooklyn. We had this beautiful old empty frame. I instructed Shane to stand on the ledge holding the frame. The sun was just about to set and the blue sky was endless. The only edit made to this photo was removing Shane's lower half from under the frame. 

LMN Cover 4.21.jpg
Hussle & Motivate.jpg

This single cover was my first project with Shane Z. It's simply Z doing his thing.

Shane Z

Hustle & Motivate

Final Cover 72.jpg

See Me Now

Ben came to me with this picture in mind. He gave me full creative freedom to add character. This project was a fun exploration of Photoshop.

Ben Kent

Bent kent photo.jpg